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Dakaar is a ridiculously easy way to discover and share recipes.


Tired of searching recipes on internet?

Presenting Dakaar, your one stop cooking destination!

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    Save your favourite recipes offline so that you can access it anytime.

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    We have different categories like Indian, Chinese, Lunch, Diet.

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    Search your favourite recipe from our collection of 2 lakh+ recipes.

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    If you don't find your favourite recipe, you can request it anytime.


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Dakaar (Burrp) is a free recipe discovery app for foodies, chef and masterchef. It has around 2 lakh+ recipes covering different cuisines. You get the best cooking experience in your kitchen with Dakaar.


  • Want to share your favourite recipe with your friends?

    Go ahead! Dakaar allows you to share its recipes on Facebook and Whatsapp.

  • Cooking made SIMPLE!

    Dakaar has made cooking simple for men,women and children with its easy user interface and cooking directions.

  • Worried about how much time it takes to cook your meal?

    Don’t worry; dakkar has already estimated that for you.

  • Your MULTI-LINGUAL recipe app!

    Language is no more a barrier for all those home chefs who want to cook that Japanese dish, because dakaar makes it simple for you to read and follow directions in your regional language.

  • Smart food categories

    Our smart food sections let you to switch between different categories.

  • No wifi? No issues!

    Our offline feature allows you to download our app from PlayStore and explore cuisine offline.

You have just found the perfect guide of meal inspiration for cooking up delicious meal. Enjoy cooking!

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